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Our Stories

Kyran O’Neill

"The challenge of launching a micro-business and then being assessed on the performance of that business was what made me join the Academy."

Kyle Raffo

“As a young entrepreneur myself, I’m keen to provide opportunities to other young people.”

Kamal Hyman

“Pitching to Peter Jones in person was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and it was amazing to be chosen as the National Entrepreneur of the Year 2015."

Daniel Arundel

"I had really bad anxiety at school, but starting my own business gave me something to focus on."

Hassan Iqbal

"I’m not the most academic individual and I was close to failing my GCSEs, so graduating with a distinction was a very proud moment for me."

Katie Buckingham

"My time at the Peter Jones Enterprise Academy taught me that anything is possible. It gave me the confidence to pursue my passion and start a business."

Safwaan Choudhury

"I suddenly felt that after 12 years in education I was finally fulfilling my desire to learn real business."

Ryan Stiggants

"I am astounded by how much I have been taught during this short period of time."

Greg Price

"Entrepreneurship is fun!"

Joseph Panasiuk

"For anyone interested in entrepreneurship, I would highly recommend the Peter Jones Enterprise Academy."