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The Peter Jones Enterprise Academy (PJEA) is our flagship programme for schools and colleges. Running a PJEA involves offering our extended programmes of Level 3 BTEC or A Level study for your students, and includes the most comprehensive package of resources and support that we have ever put together, all at the lowest price we have ever offered.

Through committing to our school and college partners, and working hard at our own fundraising efforts, we are able to subsidise the PJEA programme, offer centres dedicated members of staff and have worked hard to add value and maximise the learning experience for students, including the addition of our range of exciting flash challenges.

For more information, please download a copy of our PJEA brochure.

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Apply now to host a Peter Jones Enterprise Academy

We have been running Peter Jones Enterprise Academies within our partner FE providers since 2007, and have had more than 3500 graduates across the UK and continue to invite FE providers to partner with us. From 2018 onwards, schools can now apply to host one of the first wave of school-based Peter Jones Enterprise Academies.

Theses school-based Academies will act as hubs of outstanding enterprise provision, with students receiving pioneering support to start businesses and achieve globally recognised qualifications in business, enterprise and entrepreneurship. They will also receive funding to enable their students to start their own business while at school.

Download PJEA Brochure
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Official photos from PJEA Graduation 2018!

To view, download and order your official photographs with Peter Jones CBE, please click here!

PJEA graduation photos 2 Megan Lass <> Yesterday, 17:09 Hi Kim, Thanks for getting back to me. It would be great if it could go up this week as the students had their graduation last week so these are the official photos with Peter. It only needs to go up for a month or so whilst students will be purchasing the photos, then it can be taken down. If it fits it could go in another place on that page? I’m happy for it to go anywhere on the PJEA page! Many thanks, Megan KL Kim Love Yesterday, 16:48 Hi Megan, (just copying in Matt so he's aware) I've not been involved with the PJF site at all to be honest, and I'm not massively familiar with WordPress either. If this can wait for Florin to return that might be best as he knows how everything was put together, Megan Lass <> Yesterday, 16:22 Kim Love 1 attachments (355 KB) Download Save to OneDrive - PJ Investment Group Hi Kim, I’ve been passed your details by Florin as he’s out of the office this week. Are you able to add something to the Peter Jones Foundation website? See the details below: Would you be able to put the contents below on to the PJEA page? It’s the link for students to download their photos taken with Peter at their graduation and we’ll need it up for a months or so, then it can be taken down. I’ve attached a pic to use if you need one. Page: Copy: Official photos from PJEA Graduation 2018

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