Our Programmes

Our Programmes

The Peter Jones Foundation believes that all young people deserve a brighter future and aims to help them reach their potential through a range of pioneering, educational and philanthropic activities and initiatives.

To achieve this we structure our activities through two charity divisions, the Foundation for Enterprise (FFE) and the Foundation for Children (FFC). The FFE delivers a suite of world-class enterprise education initiatives and the FFC philanthropically supports some of the most disadvantaged young people within the UK and across the world.

Enterprise Education

Through the Foundation for Enterprise, we improve the socio-economic outcomes for young people by equipping them with enterprise skills that will improve their life chances, whatever path they choose.

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Forgotten Children

Through the Foundation for Children, we support many young people around the world, particularly those who for whatever reason have been left behind or who need extra encouragement.

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Across all our activities, the Foundation’s aims are to:




Inspiring young people
to become the very best
version of themselves.




Giving young people
the skills and knowledge
to improve their lives.




Giving young people, especially those
from disadvantaged backgrounds, the
opportunities to achieve a brighter future.