Peter Jones Foundation Youth Panel

We are delighted to introduce the Peter Jones Foundation’s Youth Panel, which exists to ensure that young people’s voices at the heart of everything we do and helps us to inform and meet our strategic goals.

Our diverse and talented Youth Panel is comprised of 8 members from across the UK, who bring with them a wide range of experience and an enthusiasm for enterprise education and the mission of Peter Jones Foundation. The Youth Panel will be key in making recommendations to the Board, steering the alumni programme, helping us to reach our diversity targets and ensuring that our programmes reduce the social and economic barriers that young people face today.

The Youth Panel will meet bi-monthly following an induction on 4th September, they will occasionally update the Board on projects they are working on and make recommendations through a board paper presented by the Chair of the Youth Panel.

We would like to thank CET for funding our Peter Jones Foundation Alumni Programme, which has enabled us to establish a Youth Panel that will work hard to inform and grow the opportunities available to the Foundation’s Alumni. We anticipate that the impact of this panel will be far reaching and support our mission to create robust pathways to employability and entrepreneurship.


Meet our Youth Panel