The Biz of Viz with Mr Viz

Flying all the way over from his abode in Italy, Simon Donald swapped the glamorous vineyard of  Pescia to share his career and business story with PJEAstudents at South Essex College.

Simon shared his rag to riches story with the students who attended the masterclass where he talked about how he and his brothers started making a magazine as a hobby which was sold at a price less than it cost to produce. After securing a publishing deal, Viz became increasingly popular with sales doubling issue by issue until over a million readers regularly purchased the comic.

Simon Donald, Co-creator of the Viz said, “I really enjoy the interaction with the students at South Essex College where it is clear to see they are absorbed in developing their knowledge and skills which they can apply in their future careers”.

Tia-Alyce Bolden, 16, from Rochford said, “I loved how Simon talked about how he turned his hobby into a business which ended up transforming British comedy and humour through drawing.  His determination to overcome dyslexia and MS prove that barriers can be overcome and that it doesn’t have to hold you back from achieving your goals”.

Steve Newman, PJEA Programme Leader at South Essex College said, “Simon’s life story is inspirational and the students found his ideas and strategy fascinating as he shared his formula with them all.  Having influential speakers such as Simon come in and give up their time to speak with our students is something which really compliments the curriculum and allows students to see for real how it is done”.