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Peter Jones Foundation

Established in 2005 with the vision to encourage, educate and empower the young people of Britain in achieving their potential.


The Peter Jones Foundation was founded in 2005 by successful entrepreneur and star of Dragons’ Den, Peter Jones CBE.

We believe that with the right mix of support and opportunity, every young person has the potential to achieve great things and the right to a brighter future. We run a range of successful programmes that support young people around the world.

To achieve our aims we deliver world-class enterprise education through our Foundation for Enterprise (FFE), and support some of the most disadvantaged young people to improve their lives through our Foundation for Children (FFC).

Whilst there remains a great deal of work to do, we have made huge progress so far.

Within the FFE we have worked with over 450 schools, whom we have given more than £500,000 of funding to allow over 10,000 students to start their first business through our flagship competition, Tycoon. We have also supported more than 3,500 students to secure an accredited qualification in Enterprise and Entrepreneurship, developed with the awarding body Pearson.

We are now offering an A level and a GCSE in Business to our partner school and college providers and growing both our Tycoon and Peter Jones Enterprise Academy Programmes.

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Within the FFC we have worked over many years to support more than twenty organisations that work to reduce poverty and suffering for young people and have made over £500,000 of funding available, supporting thousands of young people across the world.

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Across all our activities, the Foundation’s aims are to:





Inspiring young people
to become the very best
version of themselves.





Giving young people
the skills and knowledge
to improve their lives.





Giving young people, especially those
from disadvantaged backgrounds, the
opportunities to achieve a brighter future.